Chris Blume was born in the Midwest of the United States and says that he holds the Midwest work ethic to the highest standard. Long days of physically demanding work is something that Blume admires about this place he calls home. He brings this work ethic into the artist studio when working in printmaking. Wearing a uniform of black clothing and ink stained black apron, he can be found hovering over the printing press most of the early morning and into the late evening. Blume is trained in printmaking academically and independently. He is a co-founder of Flatiron Press in Boulder Colorado. Though Blume has printed for many established and emerging artists, his personal work can be found in private and special collections such as Artist Printmakers Research Collection Museum of Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, Gippsland Center for Art and Design, Monash Univeristy, Gippsland, Australia, CN Gorman Museum, University of California, Davis, California, St. Lawrence University Special Collections, Canton, New York.


Blume works from his spotted past as an adopted child. His work can be separated into two categories. He creates a personal mythology in which he explores his existence as an adopted child through pseudo histories and dystopian futures; and more subconscious approaches to sociopolitical commentary through retro futuristic war technologies. While exploring these concepts he holds true to an art form that relies heavily of illustration and drawing, an act that he explains as the continuation of dream in the waking state, a waking dream, a manifestation of the subconscious in order to evoke premonitionary visions about the world around him.